Steer those feelings into making a change.

❌This is an old photo taken in 2011.❌

This was the second time I had ever seen a poached rhino.


Because I leave camp at sunrise every morning, there is always a chance of being first to find a scene like this one.


The fist time I found a poached rhino (without going into too much detail) it was absolutely heart-wrenching. I didn't know wether to scream, cry or puke. 

I think in some way it was my body preparing for a massive change in my life and all the emotions came from deep inside of me.

This is when I began my fight for South Africa's rhinos.


This photo is important to me because I didn't crumble at this terrible sight.

I engulfed myself in the reality.

I began taking mental notes 

- How many bullet holes can I see?  What did they use to cut off the horn? Where did they first shoot the animal? How far did they follow it? Where is the bullet casing? Are there tracks?... 


I couldn't tell you one single thing about the first rhino because I was an emotional mess, and I was blinded by my anger.


So on that note....

DO NOT turn your back on what scares you. DO NOT ignore what is really going on in the world.


These things happen regardless of wether you are there or not, so make yourself useful.

Open your eyes, look, and do what you can to help the situation.


Steer those feelings into making a change.

Get involved.


Our Horn Is NOT Medicine was founded by Lee-Anne Davis on January 12, 2012.


South Africa.