Welcome to our latest editions to the K-9 unit.

 This week we became grandparents as one of our APU hounds dropped 12 puppies!! As you can tell from her face, this was not planned, but we will be keeping her pups and they will be trained to work alongside their parents with our KNP field rangers. We want to thank @sneevesfuller for buying us a trailer and three kennels ( which we need even more now). I am really excited about the prospects of our K-9 unit and I can't wait to see all our pooches in action once they are fully trained. They are going to be unstoppable! Please go to our website www.ourhornisnotmedicine.com to make a donation to our dogs. Training them and keeping them fed requires a lot of patience and funding. We always need your support. 100% goes directly to the cause. #FutureKillers #WhatsYourCause #K-9


Our Horn Is NOT Medicine was founded by Lee-Anne Davis on January 12, 2012.


South Africa.
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